Upcoming Events

"Soft Launch" 7th May, 7pm - 11pm, 49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL, UK

"Grand Opening" 14th May, 7pm - 11pm, 49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL, UK

then every Tuesday 7pm-11pm thereafter

Games for Good with 

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What's the Big Idea?

MIND and South London Board Games Meetup are joining forces to launch a new project. 

We’ll be running weekly paid board games evenings in a giant converted Victorian warehouse kindly provided by Ugly Duck. 

This pioneering recurring and sustainable form of charitable fundraising will continue on a weekly basis. Gamers can come and play whilst also donating to a good cause.

At 200 attendees (our first target) we’ll be generating a solid recurring revenue of £1000/week which would amount to £50,000/year. 

This is a pilot project before potential national rollout. 

Why Games?

Sustainable Fundraising

Modern board games are on the rise as an alternative social activity in younger generations. A number of dedicated board game cafes have sprung up around London as the hobby continues to grow.

 There is a demand for non-pub based third spaces for socialising and South London Board Games have tapped into this need and in the last 9 months grown to 1000 members.

A regular and hungry player base provides the basis for sustainable fundraising - prior to this South London Board Games have been operating out of a Chartwell Cancer Trust space, generating a steady stream of donations for the charity. Now we're planning on scaling this model. 

Mental Wellness 

Board games offer a safe social space to meet new people in a warm, inviting environment. The focus of most social events is direct conversation generally lubricated by alcohol - an intimidating milieu for many.

A large number of South London Board Games’ current membership have or continue to have dealt with depressive or anxiety based problems. The meet-ups have become an inclusive community for those who might normally struggle to find such in a large impersonal city like London.

Now we wish to expand this community to provide even more people with a safe environment for play and socialising. MIND was the natural choice of partner charity. 

What's the big deal?

There are a large number of meet-ups providing gaming evenings in London. The largest, London on Board , has over 13,000 members.

The key difference with our event is its specific fundraising nature.

Most groups meet in pubs and charge no entry - the entry is instead the expectation of purchasing food and drink. Instead we operate out of BYO spaces and ask for a donation towards charity.

We’re simply directing the huge demand for these events towards charitable giving.

Our events work out cheaper for attendees (considering a pint of beer is now £5+ in most pubs) and the money goes to a good cause. 

Normal Meetup

Pub based, free entry


10+ for food/drink

  • Money to pub
  • Non-ideal gaming space
  • Expensive food and drink
  • Feel compelled to buy
  • Few non-alcoholic choices

Where's this happening then?

The Hub - space kindly provided by ​Ugly Duck

How did this get started?

"I recognised the positive impact the act of playing games with people had on my mood and decided to make it a regular part of my life.

The group was initially just a way for me to create a safe space for myself to play games. 

However, as the group grew I realised that there was a lot of demand and that a significant portion of the members had struggled or were still struggling with similar issues.

Without prompting, issues of mental health and wellbeing pop up regularly in conversation. Always low-key and organically.

 For a lot of people it’s been the first time they’ve actually discussed having problems and for these people in particular I’ve been told it’s been life-changing."

Kyle Balmerfounder

How can you help?

Now we need your help! Specifically in two areas:

1. Come and play!

You can find all of our events and sign up free on Meetup via the link http://bit.ly/londongamers

2. Come and volunteer!

Volunteer to run games

Do you love board games? Are you shelves overflowing with games? Are you a star at explaining games to those just getting started? 

We’re looking for volunteers to help man our tables, explain rules, run the games and make sure everyone is having a great time. 

We’re looking for personable, patient and proactive gamers who are happy introducing newer players to the wide world of modern board games outside of your basic Monopoly.

We’ll have a wide range of modern board games being brought along by volunteers so there is no need to bring your own. However, if there is something you’re itching to try and need a group for we also encourage bringing items from your own collection.

If you want to get involved doing good by playing games (who wouldn’t?) then get in touch!

Volunteer to host

Social superstar? Great at making people feel welcome in new settings? MIND and South London Board Games are looking for friendly hosts to join our volunteer team.

We’ll be running regular board game events to raise funds for MIND. Many people will be attending alone or in small groups and will need to be seated and fixed up with a game.

We have people running the games so your job will be instead making sure everyone is welcomed and put into a group. Once the majority of people are seated you are very welcome to (and encouraged to!) join in with a table and the game there.

The majority of welcoming and seating will be at the beginning of the evening but we’ll all need to be keeping an eye out for people turning up late and looking lost.

What about board game knowledge? If you know some games and want to run them fantastic! If not, not a problem - we are also recruiting volunteers to run games. So no prior knowledge or experience of games is required on your side.

Looking to assist with Mind fundraising by helping us build a friendly and supportive gaming community? Get in touch!