Gaming communities for charity

We run games sessions to fundraise on a recurring basis for charities whilst providing safe community spaces for those with social anxiety and depression.

What do we do? 

Games for Good. 

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Games for Good

There is a growing body of research supporting the benefits of gaming. 

Gaming has been shown to assist with depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD as well as bolster creativity, social cooperation, problem solving and mental and emotional resilience.

Board games have also been shown to help stave off dementia and depression in later life.


Charitable Donations

We run events inside charity owned and run spaces,. We pay the charity for the space in the form of a donation. 

Most of the time charity spaces are closed in the evening. We provide an alternative stream of income by using these otherwise empty spaces.

The average UK charity space generates £2,246/week. At full capacity we can easily double this figure in the space's downtime. 


Community Spaces

Board games and social games are an increasingly popular past time especially for those looking for an alternative to pubs and parties. 

Games provide a focal point that allows for more organic social interaction between strangers. 

Within minutes of starting a game we find even the most anxious newcomers are laughing alongside other players as if lifelong friends. 

Charities we currently work with:

Event Sponsors

How can you help?

We're building a movement. 

Come and Play
Join our Meetup and attend an event

Join our Meetup, find an event near you and RSVP. We tend to fill up fast so make sure you get your RSVP in early to avoid disappointment. 

We also have a Discord server where you can meet our members and talk all things games. 

Apply to be an Organiser
Love games? Get involved

We're looking for people to help put together events and run games.

Right now it's volunteer-based but in the future we're looking at paying London Living Wage to organisers. Yes, you read that correctly: paid to play games whilst generating donations for charity. 

Don't know many games? No worries - we're looking also for general organisers to help secure locations, set up and pack up as well as make sure members are having a good time. Plus, you'll learn plenty of games hanging around with us! 

Get in touch via email to talk more. 

Provide a Space
Host our events to generate donations

We're looking for more charity spaces to host us. Any sizeable space (including charity shops where racks can be pushed to the side) will do. We'll provide the chairs and tables. 

You can have staff on site to oversee the event and even sell snacks and drinks for additional donations or we can host. 

Not a charity space but want to get involved? No problem - we'll work out how to split revenue to cover space hire whilst also donating to a nominated charity. 

Get in touch via email:

Who are we?

Kyle founded South London Board Games to help with his social anxiety and depression. Like most of his projects it grew into something larger! 

Kyle is the co-founder of, a digital marketing agency and the owner of, a Chinese language learning site. 

After graduating from Oxford, Kyle spent 3 years in Vietnam co-founding the first private free-to-air TV station; then 3 years in New York working in film and getting his MBA; followed by Beijing to learn Chinese before returning to his "hometown" of Brixton, South London. 

Kyle Balmer

What's the Grand Plan?

Moving forward the goal is to replicate this idea nationally. 

Pay Volunteers Living Wage

Step Two is to start to pay organisers to run events. 

At the moment all our organisers and games masters are volunteers, primarily self-selected from our membership.

We'll still have volunteers but as we grow to satellite sites we'll use paid organisers to ensure consistent scheduling, game availability and a friendly easy to join atmosphere. 

The goal is to pay around £11/hour (above London Living Wage) to game lovers to run our evenings.

Grow Nationally

Step Three is to expand outside of London to anywhere we can find groups of people who want to play, charity spaces that want to accommodate us and organisers who want to join us. 

Each site will be given a starting lump sum to purchase games, tables and chairs to launch the event as well as marketing. 

We'll work with national charities to secure sites nationwide to speed national deployment.  


Some top-level figures show how scaling will lead to a significant generator of donations for participating charities 

These figures are based of 2 x 4 hour weekday slots at £100 per slot and one full day Sunday slot at £250. 

100 sites is an illustrative figure only. There are at least 11249 charity shops in the UK. Not all locations will be suitable. 

single Site

Once per week, £100/evening




  • Annual donations : £4,800
Single Site 

2 evenings, Sunday full day




  • Annual donations : £21,600

100 Sites, 2 evenings, Sunday day




  • Monthly donations : £180,000
  • Annual donations : £2.16 million

Want to get involved?

We're looking for:

Location Owners
Local councils 
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